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Thursday, October 18, 2007

Wake Up!

Caffeine Atom All of us at Vroom Foods, Inc. are very excited to be sending out our very first “Seriously Caffeinated ® Newsletter”! We know, we know…. But we promise not to send out too many ‘cause not only do we hate it when companies do that but we just don’t have time to write that many! We do, however, want to stay in touch with all you Buzz Bites Chocolate Energy Chews ® and Foosh Energy Mint® fans. Often we have exciting company news or product information to share and this is the best way to get it out there quickly. So if we hear of a new caffeine discovery, receive an interesting user testimonial, or just want to say "thanks", we'll want to share, we'll send it along.

Is It In There?

Anyone receiving this email knows that caffeine isn’t just found in coffee anymore. When Vroom Foods, Inc. was just a glimmer in our founder’s eye Caffeine Chart you were out of luck if you didn’t like coffee or the handful of high caffeine sodas, energy drinks, and drugstore caffeine pills available. Today, there are literally hundreds of energy drinks out there and each week brings news of even more caffeinated products threatening to be the best new way of getting your daily dose of beloved caffeine. Gums, skin creams, chocolate covered espresso beans…even bottled water and soap! The trouble is, exactly how much caffeine is actually in these new products? It isn’t always easy to find out and the manufacturers don’t make it easy for you as they are not required by law to include it on the label. And even when they do, they aren’t always accurate! Most of these products just don’t have the caffeine in a single serving to give you any of caffeine’s many benefits. How do we know? Because we had them tested! That’s right, we did! First we tried them ourselves and when we couldn’t figure out why we weren’t feeling more alert we decided to have them tested by an independent third party. We know very well how hard it is to put a lot of caffeine in a candy (or anything for that matter) and still have it taste decent so we just had to know if these product claims were accurate!

Wait until you see what we found. Click here or on the chart above to see the results for yourself on our website. This chart confirms what we knew all along. Not all caffeine products are created equal! If you want, you can even download a copy of the lab results and see for yourself why that gum isn’t helping you as much as you thought it would! (And let’s not even talk about the taste!)

Buzz Bites Are Back!

Buzz Bites

We don’t know how it happened. We just didn’t know how popular our Buzz Bite Chocolate Energy Chews were going to be! So the unthinkable happened: we ran out! We should have known that any single piece of chocolate candy with 25% more energy than an energy drink (that’s 100 MG of caffeine!) was going to be a customer favorite. After all, who doesn’t prefer the taste of chocolate to an energy drink? (And who wouldn’t prefer the better price?!) It broke our hearts not to be able to ship them to you. You should have seen how cranky everyone in the office was when we ourselves ran out! Obviously, all of you who love these Seriously Caffeinated treats have been telling your friends and they have been telling theirs!

The panic is over now as Buzz Bites are back in stock and better than ever! We would still recommend that if you can’t stand to be without these energy filled chews you buy a tray or two or three. C’mon, you know you are going to want them anyway.

How Do You Vroom!

Platoon with Foosh Nothing brightens our day around the office more than getting an email from a new fan! We love hearing from you about how our products help you get through a demanding day. So you can imagine how it was particularly nice hearing from SSG David Thayer (that stands for "Staff Sargent"), stationed in Iraq, and who had just tried Foosh for the first time. SSG Thayer wrote us to say that “being a die hard coffee drinker, I was impressed with the taste and the caffeine rush that your mints gave me and my platoon.” Since military nutritionists recommend 100 mg to 600 mg for fighter pilots and soldiers when they need an extra boost to stay awake we bet SSG Thayer is pretty happy that he doesn’t have to get all of that with coffee…if you get what we mean! (That’s a lot of trips to the…)

You might ask how did SSG Thayer get Vroom Gear You too might want to try it! Send us your Buzz Bite or Foosh story along with a picture of yourself (or even YouTube video!) enjoying our energy products or wearing your Vroom Gear . If we use it in our next newsletter we’ll send you a full tray of SERIOUSLY CAFFEINATED ® mints or chews to share with your friends as well! (All submissions are property of Vroom Foods, Inc…which just means we might put it on our website too!) Or just send us an email to say 'hi'. We always enjoy hearing from you!

That’s it for our first newsletter. As always, Stay Caffeinated!

Signed, The Vroom Foods Team!

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