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Friday, February 22, 2008


atom We want to say “Thank You” for all the nice emails we received after sending out our very first “Seriously Caffeinated ® Newsletter” a couple months back. It was nice to hear from so many of you! We are always surprised by how many fans of Buzz Bites ® Chocolate Energy Chews and Foosh ® Energy Mints actually take the time to write in and tell us how much they love (or depend on!) our products. We love it! Keep your emails coming! (We’re up all night anyway…)


weights That’s right; we said “good health”! It seems that many people still believe that caffeine is not good for you. Can you believe that? While we will certainly admit that there are some people for whom caffeine should be a no-no, for most everyone else, our favorite molecule is actually quite healthy! (If it is consumed moderately, of course!) And not just healthy for the body, but also healthy for the mind! Caffeine has been controversial for nearly a hundred years now, but good science is coming to its defense. In the past, caffeine was linked to all sorts of ills, even cancer. Those studies have since been disproven. Nowadays it seems we are reading about a new study linking caffeine with some newly discovered health benefit. Even the US Military’s commissioned studies ultimately prove what most of us (and you) have known all along: caffeine improves mood, alertness, productivity, increases physical endurance and enhances workouts! (Body builders and gym trainers have known this for years!)


Buzz Bites

Those of you on this list already know that your mental acuity increases nearly immediately when caffeine is ingested. But did you know that being a caffeine lover could help you as you age? Nearly a year ago some pretty smart people at the National Institute on Aging released research indicating that caffeine could actually help prevent the progression of Alzheimer’s disease. To paraphrase the USA Today article announcing the good news, “If research holds up, boomers might be able to get some protection simply by enjoying an espresso!” Now comes news that Buzz Bites Chocolate Energy Chews and Foosh Energy Mints might actually do a better job of this than energy drinks! A new study by the American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology seems to point a finger at high sugar diets as a potential contributor to the progression of Alzheimers. Good thing Foosh Energy Mints and Buzz Bites Chocolate Energy Chews can give you even more energy than an energy drink without all the sugary calories!


WSJ Apparently energy candies aren’t just good for your health; they are good for the health of the entire candy industry! It seems that while candy sales have dropped 4% over the previous year, energy food products sales continue to grow rapidly! (Thank you AGAIN by the way!) How do we know this? Well, since you asked, the Wall St. Journal published an article last week telling us so. And guess which products were featured? That’s right, Foosh Energy Mints and Buzz Bites Chocolate Energy Chews! They even interviewed our founder, Jason! Check it out here!


fan Meet William Lee! William contacted us not to long ago to let us know how much Foosh Energy Mints were helping him with his workouts and competitions. Check out how much weight he lifts! No wonder he needs a little help from Foosh! We enjoyed his story so much that along with our thank yous we sent him some freebies. We even sent the t-shirt you see him wearing. Not bad, huh? Keep sending in your stories and videos and just maybe, if we like your story or video enough, you will find a tray of Foosh or Buzz Bites in your mailbox too! (And if you'd like a shirt like William's, check out our Cafe Press Store!

If you would like some more information on caffeine and health, be sure to check out our extensive library of article links at our Vroom Web Site. As always, stay caffeinated!


The Vroom Foods Team!